New Winegrowers

New Winegrowers

The majority of A2Z Agency’s customers are not from the world of wine, they are called « Neo-vignerons ».
They all love wine.For different reasons, they want to change their life. Motivated to live this new life in the nature with marked seasons and wanting a good quality of life. Neo-vignerons are ambitious for their wine and are often audacious and inventive.
They are also imaginative for marketing and commercialization.A2Z Agency offers its knowledge on the technical, economical and juridical side. In majority, the former owner accompanies the new owner in the best conditions to pass on the relay.A2Z advises you for human and material investment to put into place so that your purchase will be a success… from A to Z.As well as a valorization of the property, we can help you with your investment with our specialized partners :
  • Operational diagnostic : (grants up to 50%) : production tools, commercial tools, human ressources, profit earning capacity, development, capacity cost of investment to achieve your aim action plan over 3 years with budget.
  • Finance : France Agrimer (Europe), Region, Department, regular contacts with the institutions and banks to help our customers obtain available grants and financing.
  • Support in action  : Management and support of the viticole company and putting into place strategies defined by the customer. Missions following precise guidelines with the annual objectives and a monthly follow up.

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